I am a Brazilian-native who has been appreciating South Carolina for the past 16 years. My Brazilian family is huge and although I truly miss everything from my lovely tribe, one deep-rooted gift I bring to the table is to be able to serve others with the magic of my hands as I bring people together in joy and health.

The legacy of my family is that we feed people – it is what we do – food for the body, for the soul. My mother is a functional nutrition chef and she taught me almost everything I know about connecting to the food that I put in my body and the ritual of serving food to others with an open heart. The women in my family, my grandmother, my aunts and mother, have always cooked together dividing tasks based upon who likes doing what or what special skills they have. This convivial environment instilled in me a desire for a deep sense of community, especially around cooking bread (The Alchemy of Bread®) – a long tradition in our family that I continue with my daughter Jasmin and hosting themed dinner parties (The Alchemy of Hospitality®).

When my body-mind-heart-and-spirit come together while using my hands, my gift – the magic of alchemy comes alive in my life and all around me benefit from it. With the use of different movement and techniques like yoga, breathing, bodywork, and dance, I help my clients clear their mind, empower their body and soothe their soul. I am a yoga and ethnic dance instructor, as well as a licensed massage therapist, with over 15 years experience. In alchemy with my clients (The Alchemy of Movement™), I continue to work and assist them with attaining a healthier relationship with their entire being and creating a more wholesome lifestyle.

If you remember anything about me, remember this: Alchemy – a magical process of transformation and creation that can take place when people come together in community.

It is my deepest belief that we need to create time in our busy lives to reconnect, to cook together with purpose!  We create movement to heal and hopefully blossom from that space.

I hope to see you soon in my home or yours for bread baking, a festive dinner party or some body work movement.

To further explore your mind, body and soul, please contact me directly: vanessa@thealchemyofhands.com

Yours in possibility,