Alexandra Seaman is free-spirited, independent and fiercely dedicated to the liberation of herself and others from self-limiting beliefs. In sharing the teachings of yoga, she intends to take you beyond the realm of the five senses and into the Great Unknown, giving you direct access to your own creative force and the know-how to make your dreams come true. Her classes are described as challenging but safe, and students claim to leave feeling like they could take on the world.

Off the mat, it's her creative mind that sets Alex apart from the rest. She's always at work fantastically dreaming about what we could create if we put our minds together. There is no height too high and no distance too far; for her, the impossible is possible if we work as a team.   

Alex is KRI Certified in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Level I and II Mindfulness Certified through Mindful Schools. When not in the Studio, you'll find her in the classroom or on the streets teaching yoga to at-risk youth. She is Children's Yoga Certified through Grounded! Atlanta and Yoga Kidz, an organization she's worked with since its inception in 2009. In helping to co-write the teacher training curriculum, Alex introduced a new dynamic by integrating Kundalini postures and meditations for the young ones. She believes in the power of community, the art of creation, and she wants to know who you are! 




Beki Crowell is a Vibrational Healer and Artist...offering a path to Vibrational Alignment, awakening to the Essential nature of your Soul that is whole, free, joyous, at peace, and eternally well.  Beki offers consultations in the Bach Flower Essences, in combination with opening the Akashic Records and Reiki healing, to create a profound and healing experience for the individual. The remedy that is created from the session is tailored specifically for each being to provide support in bringing vibrational alignment and harmony to the client. The flower essences are then taken for a period of time, allowing the shifts to occur in an organic and lasting way. Beki also accesses the Divine realm of Infinite possibility where the Akashic field resides, to create and channel Soul Portraits, painted while in the personal Record of the client. This is a powerful and dynamic approach to vibrational alignment, offering a visual image of your very Soul as it chooses to reveal itself to you, for the purpose of your spiritual evolution and expansion.

Akashic Records: hold the infinite information of all Souls since inception, recording every      thought, emotion, action, past, present and potential future.
Reiki: a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the  patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and  restore physical and emotional well-being.



Niharika Patel has been dancing since she was a child.  Niharika choreographed Indian Bollywood / Folk / Classical dancing for approximately eight years for girls from 5 - 30+ years old. "I LOVE Dancing!"  Growing up, she picked up all sorts of dancing techniques and today incorporates dancing in to her everyday lifestyle: from cooking, cleaning, partying or just releasing after a long day.


Jasmine has a deep appreciation for life’s transitions which led her to explore the Laws which govern the universe. After applying these laws the SHIFT occurred and suddenly life became easier and abundance began to flow. If the purpose to life is to be happy, to live a life of abundance and to be free then how do we get there?  Her mission is to inspire others to join this journey of awakening by applying the Laws of Universe to everything that we do. Vibrational Dance is one of the many tools used to awaken this spirit inside of us. It is a tool that helps people to step past their limits and get into a vibrational frequency that then begins to attract their greatest desires. This journey cannot be done alone. It is a journey that involves a community of like minded people who are yearning for the awakening.